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  • HOW TO JOIN: All the tours are "Land Only", so you need to book your own International flights, unless otherwise specified in the tour description. Joining information will be sent to you upon confirmation.

  • PAYMENT SCHEDULE: An immediately 100% of deposit per person secures reservation is required at the time of confirmation of the reservation.
    -The Normal Tour Fare shall be paid no later than 45 working days prior to the eve of the departure date in either the basic tariff currency, as quoted.
    -The Special Tour Fare or during Peak Season (for example Naadam Festival Tour or by Train tours) shall be paid no later than 65 working days prior to the eve of the departure date in either the basic tariff currency, as quoted. The Company can reserve by E-mail, or Fax. We will confirm by e-mail when we receive your payment.
    -Price Guarantee: Your tour price is guaranteed once Legend tour  has received your full payment.
    -Tour Price: All tour prices are in US dollars and in Euro and are based on tariff and rates of currency exchange in effect at the time of printing. These rates are subject to change without prior notice.
    60-26 working days prior to departure: 50% of Land Cost.
    25-00 working days prior to departure: 100% of Land Cost.

    -Air or train cancellation terms are additional. *The international air fares or train tickets are subject to change based on availability at the time of entering the reservation. Rates in international or national flights or train tickets only freeze the issuance and payment in full of the tickets. Tickets are not refundable and can only be annulled on the day of issue.
    -All cancellation requests are required in writing. Telephone / verbal cancellation is not accepted.
  • CANCELLATION OR CHANGE OF ITINERARY: Legend tour reserves the right to cancel all services without penalty up to 45 days before tour departure.
    -If you have deposit to us any money, we will full refund will be made under such circumstances.
    -If you have not deposit money, we will not refund any money. All itineraries are as written, but reserve the right to alter these due to any unforeseen circumstances, and will notify you of any changes as soon as possible.
  • PASSPORT & VISA: You are responsible for all passport and visa requirements. We are happy to help if you will need Visa Authorization from us, as soon as the full payment is received.
  • INSURANCE: You are responsible for any personal travel insurance that you need. Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is highly recommended.
  • HOTELS: When the hotel listed in the brochure is not available, the same category hotel or better will be substituted.
  • ROOM SHARES: We offer assistance in arranging room twin or double standard shares or Single Standard at hotels. There are not Triple or Cuadruple rooms at hotels. For Mongolia tours: Not single ger in the countryside of Mongolia. Please note that single rooms are available only in Ulaanbataar. Shared facilities at the ger camps in Mongolia.
  • BAGGAGE: Baggage is at owner's risk throughout. For traveler's convenience, baggage allowance is suggested to one piece per person each for check-in and carry-on baggage. Excess baggage charge and insurance is at owner's responsibility.
    Excess baggage: the max. weight of your luggage on our calculated cars is 10 kg (20lbs) a, hand luggage 5 kg (5lbs) (overweight you need to pay for extra cars only in cash, before your departure to the countryside), extra luggage can be stored at hotels, prior to your departure to the countryside.
  • TOUR FARE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Air fare from your hometown to the gateway city, air transportation other than stipulated in the actual itinerary, international airport embarkation taxes, foreign airport taxes, transportation of heavy baggage in excess of applicable allowance, insurance premiums, visa fees, departure airport fee and tips to tour director, tour guides, drivers and in hotels. *Excess baggage: the max. weight of your luggage on our calculated cars is 10 kg (20lbs), hand luggage 5 kg (10lbs) (overweight you must to pay for extra cars only in cash, before your departure to the countryside of Mongolia), or your extra luggage can be stored at hotels. *Not included any circumstances beyond of our control, such as the imposition of quarantine restrictions, weather conditions, changes of arrival/departure flights, the Mongolian poor roads conditions, etc. *Single supplement at hotels. * Changing of date of departure. *Occasional flight delays or cancellation. *International air flight round trip or from your country destination. Additional transfers airport-hotel-airport due to changing of date or time of arrival, or departure to/from (additional payment must be borne by the passengers and is payable immediately).
  • ACCEPTANCE OF RISK: The Client acknowledges that the nature of the tour is adventurous and that such holidays may involve a significant amount of personal risk. The Client hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release the Company from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages or injuries or death resulting from these inherent risks.
  • CLAIMS AND COMPLAINTS: If a Client has a complaint against the Company, the Client must first inform the tour leader or Company representative whilst on the tour in order that the leader/representative can attempt to rectify the matter. If this does not resolve the complaint, the Client should contact the Company directly by e-mail or by fax. Telephone / verbal complaint is not accepted. If satisfaction is still not reached through these means, any further complaint must be put in writing to the Company within 15 days of the end of the tour. Legend tour will not accept any liability of claims received after this period.
    0-3 years old: free ;
    from 4-11 years old: 70% at the regular adult price.
    from 12 years old and above: 100% at the regular adult price.

    For children 11 and under, if they are sharing bed with either parent and do not ask for a third bed in the same room, they will be charged the child fare. If they need the third bed in parents' room, they will be charged 80% of the adult fare. For children 12 and over, they will be charged at the regular adult price.
  • FREE TOURS: If you have 16 (16pax + 1 free pax in double room: 8 ROOMS) friends that want to go for any Trip, you just got a free trip for yourself. Whenever you sign up a group of 16 people or more to Legend tour, you will enjoy a free trip to yourself, travelling as the group leader with the group. Of course, if you have a group of 34 people, you will have 2 free tour packages (32pax + 2 free in double room: 16 ROOMS). *Not included any Single room. We will pay all your land fares. *Not included any air.
  • PRICE GUARANTEE: Your tour price is guaranteed once Legend tour has received your full payment.
    - Legend tour  responsible for their acts, omission or commission. Without their limiting the foregoing.
    - Legend tour  and its agents are not responsible for any losses or expenses due to delay or changes of schedule, overbooking of accommodations, default of any third parties, sickness, weather, strike, acts of God, acts of terrorism, force majeure, acts of government's civil disturbances, war, quarantine, customs regulations, epidemics, criminal activity or for any other cause beyond its control. All such losses or expenses have to be borne and paid for by the participant.
    - Legend tour reserves the right to substitute hotels, and alter the itinerary, withdraw any tour and make any desirable alteration for the convenience of the operation of tours.
    - Legend tour reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to departure for any unforeseen reason. Liability for such cancellation is limited to full refund of money received by Legend tour , and this will constitute full settlement with the tour member. Legend tour will notify you of any changes as soon as possible.
    -All itineraries are as written, but reserve the right to alter these due to any unforeseen circumstances, and will notify you of any changes as soon as possible.
    - Legend tour reserves the right to decline, to accept, or retain any person as tour participant, should such person's health, mental condition, physical infirmity or general deportment impede the operation of the tour or the rights, welfare or enjoyment of other tour participant.
    - Legend tour accepts no responsibility for value, reliability, quality or authenticity of any goods purchased while on tour or for any mailing, freight or shipping arrangements.
    09:00am to 18:00pm from Mon. through Fri.
    Closed: Sat, Sun., Closed on National Holidays.




Ј Darkhaan Uul pictures. (20 pictures) Mongolia. 04.08.2008

Ј Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex. (8 pictures) Mongolia. 02.08.2008

Ј Ulaanbaatar pictures 2008. (16 pictures) Mongolia. 02.08.2008

Ј Mongolian people. Pictures 2008.(24 pictures) Mongolia. 02.08.2008

Ј Eej Khad (Mother Rock). (12 pictures) Mongolia. 30.07.2008

Ј Chinggis Khaans cavalry ridersshow (16 pictures). Mongolia. 15.07.2008

Ј Museum of Mongolian costumes (16 pictures). Mongolia. 12.07.2008

Ј Total Solar Eclipse 2008 August 01. Mongolia. 17.04.2008

Ј New Russia visa regulations: A foreign citizen can obtain a visa to& Russia ONLY in the country of his/her citizenship. Exceptions include those who have a residence permit for a foreign country for the period more than 90 days. Russia. 04.04.2008

Ј Chinggis Khaans cavalry riders show 2007. Mongolia. 22.02.2008

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