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Welcome to Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.




Kamchatka, often called the land of fire and ice, is one of Russias least explored but most scenically spectacular regions.

A 1000km-long peninsula separated from the mainland by the Sea of Okhotsk, Kamchatka is hyperactively volcanic. It seems that the Creation hasnt quite finished yet. The region can claim 200 volcanoes in varying stages of activity, some long extinct, grassed over with aquamarine crater lakes, while 20 or more rank among the worlds most volatile.

An unforgettable thing to see is a lava fields surrounding volcanoes that served as the testing grounds for Russias moon-walking vehicles. The thermal activity deep below the earths surface also produces numerous hot springs, heated rivers and geysers.

You should come to Kamchatka not only because you like to travel. Here you can also find health, understanding of the world and the Universe, and peace of mind. Fire and ice, the action of boiling hot springs and waterfalls, blossoming meadows in the middle of snow and ensembles of stone sculptures created by volcanic eruptions. Only after seeing all of this can we understand what colors and what brilliant beauty the Earth hid from us after it became old and civilized.

We can do not only the general sightseeing, we can cater to your more specific needs.

"Legend tour" partners on Kamchatka prepare for tours in view of their availability for various categories of tourists, a level of their physical opportunities, interests, cognitive value of tours. In programs of travel agencies of Kamchatka there are following ecological, adventure, sports and other tours:

  • trekking/ hiking trip, visiting of unique natural and historical sights: picturesque landscapes, hot springs and displays of volcanoes;
  • ascensions on volcanoes, mountain tops, a sports alloy on the mountain and flat rivers;
  • the sports - hunting and salmon fishing;
  • mountain-skiing tourism and descents (releases) from volcanoes with use of helicopter ( heli skiing), ski trekking;
  • supervision of a nature, flora and fauna;
  • Flights on Komandorsky and Kuriles islands, flights of active volcanoes;
  • Visiting summer residences, the enterprises for processing a fish and crabs, fish factories, farms, kindergartens, families of inhabitants of Kamchatka.
For your attention we are offering you the next tours:
  • By you request we can offer you the individual tours. If you are interesting at the something special or you want to know more about history of Russia please write us and we will fulfill your wishes.
Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.

Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.

Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.

Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.

Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.

Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.

Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.

Photo. Kamchatka. Tour to Kamchatka.




Tour to Kamchatka

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