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Welcome to Novosibirsk. Appreciate the beauty of Siberia's capital!




Novosibirsk is both the capital of Siberia and the geographical center of Russia.

The city was founded in 1893. Its present population is 1.4 million people.

In terms of population and city area, Novosibirsk is the third largest city of Russia just behind Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Novosibirsk is the main business center of the Asian part of Russia having a great impact on the territory of 8 million square kilometers with population of 26 million people.

The representative offices of major ministries of the Government of the Russian Federation and the headquarters of the Association of Siberian governors and  mayors, as well as consulates of many foreign countries can be found in the city.

There are 40 institutions of higher education, 123 advertising agencies, 150 publishing houses and printing establishments, 8 radio broadcasting stations, 12 TV studios, and 5 business centers in the city. International business partnerships link the capital of Siberia to 85 countries. 

Novosibirsk is the main trade gateway of Siberia and the largest industrial center east of the Ural Mountains. Such unique industrial enterprises as the Aeronautical Industrial Corporation named after V.P. Tchkalov, the Novosibirsk Tin Factory, the Sibselmash and ElSib manufacturing plants, the Promsteelconstruction Corporation, a plant producing chemical concentrates, a metallurgical plant, and a company making radio components are located in Novosibirsk. The output of these industrial giants is exported all over the world.

There are approximately 3,000 wholesale and retail businesses in the city. As a multimode transportation hub, Novosibirsk ranks second in Russia. Over 300 transportation companies provide services inside and outside the city.

The Trans-Siberian Railroad goes through Novosibirsk. It offers cargo transportation services to Asia, Europe, and the Far East as well as hosts roadways of federal importance.

Novosibirsk is home to the Siberian largest air transportation hub that serves about 500 flights a week, including 50 international. The production capacity of customs and warehouse terminals is of order of 1 million square meters.

About one third of the Siberian scientific and research potential is concentrated in its capital. Built in the 60s, Akademgorodok (a town of predominantly research and educational activities) has become the first Russian scientific center of such kind and served as a model to a number of science and research centers established since then in Japan, France, and South Korea. There are 7 international research centers supervised by top-notch personnel from the most advanced R & D organizations of Akademgorodok.

The capital city of Siberia has a well-developed guest infrastructure that includes 25 hotels, 60 restaurants and night clubs, 175 cafes, 10 casinos, 61 bars, 18 fitness centers with swimming pools, saunas, and training facilities, 12 theatres, Philharmonic Hall, a circus, the Symphonic Orchestra, chamber and Russian folk choirs.

In Novosibirsk region dynamically developing tourist industry, rich natural, cultural and health-improving potential, and also inborn hospitality of Siberians will allow you to see with your own eyes the majesty of the Siberian area, its power and beauty, to feel the warmth of the hearts of the people that live here.

There are all conditions in Novosibirsk region for successful business and a full value rest. Health improving centres and recreation houses effectively use nature factors, minerals spas and therapeutic muds, modern medical-diagnostic equipment. River cruises along the Ob river, sport rafting down Siberian rivers, hunting and fishing tours will allow you to have an interesting and beneficial time when visiting us.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.

Photo. Novosibirsk. sightseeing. Places to visit in Novosibirsk.




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