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Mini Nomadic Naadam.



TOUR M-0-4-E

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

The mini version of the Naadam festival offers a condensed experience of the ancient nomadic life and rich culture of the Mongols. The show, held a few times a month, features real artists from Mongolian theaters and circus performers, as well as athletes and children from local herding families who participate in authentic sports competitions, including wrestling, archery, and horse racing.

This is a unique opportunity to witness the traditions and skills passed down through generations and gain insights into Mongolian culture.




6-8 hours.
On June 06, on June 16, on June 27
On July 04, in July 19, on July 25
On August 03, on August 14, on August 28
On September 06

Ulaanbaatar - Mongol Nomadic tourist camp - Ulaanbaatar

more 120 kilometers.


Day 1.

Around 12.00 transfer to Mongol Nomadic camp (around 50 km from Ulaanbaatar city)
from 14.00 to 16.30 mini Nomadic Naadam.

Open the Naadam with the long song and the Morin Khuur-horse fiddle
The First round of 16 mighty wrestlers
Mongolian dance
Children riding on horseback and sing a giingoo-song around the Naadam area and move to the start of the race.
The Second round of wrestling
Archery in the archery field
The participants of Naadam will test their skill in the arena of archery
Whiteman wishes to greet to the guests
The third round of wrestling
The guests go to the horse-drawn-field
Choose a couple with beautiful pair of horses
Give a reward to the horsemen and to the best horse was in five
The best horses will respect the area of the Naadam and go around 3 times the arena
The final wrestling
Prizes will be awarded to the mightiest wrestlers

Driving back to Ulaanbaatar.

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Persons 1 2 3 - 5 6 - 9 10-20
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    Pick-up, vehicle transfers, petrol (6 - 8 hours)
    English speaking guide (6 - 8 hours)
    Mini Nomadic Naadam price
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    International air flight or train
    Hotel in Ulaanbaatar
    Travel and medical insurance

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Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.

Mini Nomadic Naadam.




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