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Sights of interest in Ulaanbaatar.



If you are planning to travel to Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar (Ulaanbaator) city, the capital, will be your first stop. This is the city that hosts the only international airport of the country and the single international rail line - the Trans Siberian railway. Often described as sunny, peaceful and open, Ulaanbaatar is a city of contrast where modern life comfortably blends with Mongolian traditional lifestyle. With close to 700,000 residents, the city claims almost half of the nations population, with old Soviet cars in the streets, Russian-style high-rise apartment blocks dominating the city center and traditional gers in the suburbs.

  • Sukhbaatar Square. In July 1921 in the centre of Ulaanbaator, the 'hero of the revolution', Damdin Sukhbaatar, declared Mongolia's final independence from the Chinese. The Square now bears his name and features a statue of him astride his horse. The words he apparently proclaimed at the time are engraved on the bottom of the statue: 'If we, the whole people, unite in our common effort and common will, there will be nothing in the world that we cannot achieve, that we will not have learnt or failed to do.'
  • Nairamdal Park. Also called the National Recreational Park, Nairamdal Park (Friendship Park) is looking a bit sad and neglected these days, but it is a nice enough place to walk around. It is quite photogenic on Sundays when hundreds of children descend upon it. There are the usual children's rides, including a Fen-is wheel (agonisingly slow, but with great views from the top) and, our favourite, the 'aerobicycle', a sort of tandem bike on a monorail track 3m high. A lake in the south of the park offers boat rides in summer and ice-skating in winter.
  • The State Central Library – ancient sudras and other old manuscripts. State Central Library was founded in 1924. Funds of the library include valuable editions of books , which represent cultural heritage of Mongolians. These include the complete manuscript copy of Kanjir, collections of books "Mongolica" and the "Secret History of Mongols" written in 1240, as well as "Altan tobci"(Golden Annals) - the only copy of Mongolian historical chronicles compiled in XYIII century.
  • The Zaisan Memorial. The Zaisan Memorial is a Soviet-era monument located in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. It was built in 1971 to commemorate the fallen soldiers of Mongolia and the Soviet Union who died during World War II. The memorial consists of a tall colonnade topped with a large statue of a Mongolian soldier holding a banner, surrounded by mosaics depicting scenes from the war.

    The Zaisan Memorial offers panoramic views of Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding countryside, making it a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can also explore the nearby military museum, which displays artifacts and exhibits related to Mongolia's military history.

    Overall, the Zaisan Memorial serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by Mongolian and Soviet soldiers during World War II, and stands as a symbol of the enduring friendship between the two countries.
  • The Naadam Festival is the prime event of the year in Mongolia with antique roots. It is held all over the country, but the festivities in the countryside cannot compare to the major celebration in Ulaanbaatar (every year between 11th - 13th of July). People are competing in the three "manly sports" - horse racing, archery and wrestling (though women are allowed to participate in the first two). The sports activities are accompanied by all other kinds of celebrations - singing, dancing, feasts. One of the main reasons why this event is worth visiting is the festive mood that could be felt all around the country.
  • The legendary 'Beatles' group carrying a message of freedom, not only to Mongolia's youth, but to the whole world, has been widely 'welcomed' by Mongolians. On October 9, 2008, a monument to the famous Liverpool stars was inaugurated on the square fronting the State Department Store.
Photo. Buddha statue at the foot of Zaisan mountain.

Photo. Buddha statue at the foot of Zaisan mountain.

Photo. State drama theatre.

Photo. State drama theatre.

Photo. Choijin Lama temple Museum. Ulaanbaatar.

Photo. Choijin Lama temple Museum. Ulaanbaatar.

Photo. Gandan monastery.

Photo. Gandan monastery.



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