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Fishing in Mongolia is one of the last adventures for fisherman who already were fishing all over our planet. Here lives the world's largest salmonid, the Taimen, also known to the Mongolians as River Wolf". Taimen can reach up to 200 pounds and 2m long. Fishing here is catch and release with barbless hooks as it is one of the world's healthiest and biggest Taimen population.

Fly fisherman's real treasure lies in this unbelievable clear, easy wading waters with incredible, nearly untouched wilderness with amazing mountains and vast valleys around the camps. During August and September, the weather is generally sunny, but please keep in mind that the camp elevation is 4.000 feet and more, so better prepared for potentially cold nights. To ensure an abundance of good fishing waters and ultimate satisfaction to each of our guests and to remain flexible, we will keep our programs small.

But Mongolia is more than just fishing. We are offering a variety of different, additional activities to those who would like to see more about this unique nomadic culture. Buddhist monasteries, trips to Gobi desert and Hovsgol lake, hiking and horse riding at Terelj National Park or see Przevalski horses, will charm you and enables you to visit one of the world's last untouched wilderness and culture.


- Hiking boots (waterproof)
- Polypropylene long underwear and downshirts
- Cotton and wool socks
- Wool or poly fingerless gloves
- Warm sweater, fleece or flanel shirts
- Fishing jacket and windbreaker/rain jacket
- Fishing and camp trousers
- Knitted stocking cap or fishing hat
- Warm coat (down-filled) for later Sept./Oct. weeks


- First aid kit and personal medicaments
- Camera, flash light and plenty of films (film is not available at camps or countryside)
- Water purification tablets
- Mosquito repellent
- Sleeping bag
- A battery operated razor or blade razor
- Face cloth, toilet kit, bath towel
- Sun protection
- A waterproof bag for snacks, clothing, extra tackle or camera
- Alcoholic beverage (possible to buy in UB)


- 3-5 weight for lenok (take floating line only)
- 8-12 weight for Taimen, take floating, sinking tip and sinking lures
- Long waders (Gore-Tex or neoprene)
- One pair felt-soled wading boots
- Hook file, line nippers and needle nose pliers (for debarbing hooks and releasing Taimen)
- Assorted dry fly flotant
- Split shot
- Indicator yarn/strike indicator
- Polarized glasses
- Fly rods (better one more then you calculate as fish are large)
- Floating lure
- Flies: Hoppers, cricket patterns, caddis, assorted attractor dries, large wooly buggers,
   bunny patterns, mice patterns.


As our camp will be far from any city or village, participants need a strong sense for adventure, excellent conditions, experience in fishing and hiking, some sense for other cultures. Experience in overland travel are welcome. Vegetarians or people who needs special diet or food should inform us minimum four weeks in advance to preview their menu. Guide, translator, cook, driver will join you during all days of journey.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.

Photo. Fishing in Mongolia.



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