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Krasnoyarsk is famous for the national park "Stolby", which is located just 20 minutes by car from the center of the city. If you have more than a few days, you can go to Khakasiya or to Tuva republics, which are located to the south from Krasnoyarsk and offer a lot of various activities, including rafting, trekking, and mountain climbing.

Also, Tuva is one of the few regions in Russia that has retained its ethnical spirit: it is the center of Shamanism, unique ethnic cultural center and the "motherland" of throat-singing.

  • Stolby National Park.
    Stolby national park was founded to study the natural processes in the region. The park has very varied nature and a lot of species of plants and animals. It is a truly clean and pleasant place.
    The main attraction of the park are its cliffs that have strange curved forms, as if they were worked on by water. Because of the peculiar landscape Stolby became the local center of cliff-climbing. The original way of cliff-climbing invented by local sportsmen (called "Stolbisty") was acclaimed worldwide.
  • Tuva Republic.
    Tuva republic (also called Tyva) is located about 600 km south from Krasnoyarsk. It is considered that Tuva is located in the center of Asia and that the geographical center of Tuva region lies exactly where the capital of Tuva is, Kyzyl.
    The region is completely unspoiled by industry (the main branches of economy and agriculture) and there are very few roads, which makes Tuva region not easily accessible, but very unique, authentic, and preserved.
    Most of the landscape is defined by mountains and taiga forests, which makes Tuva very attractive for active tourists. Such activities as rafting, mountain hiking, hunting can be practiced here.
    Also, Tuva is the center of local ethnic culture. The main religions are shamanism and buddhism and, unlike many other Asian republics in Russia, Tuva people managed to retain their national identity and culture.
    In the capital of Tuva you can find traditional medicine centers, shaman schools, and buddhist centers.
    Only 60 years ago Tuva was still an independent state, however, it was joined to Russia in 1944. Nowadays Tuva has about 300,000 inhabitants, more than 70% are ethnic Tuvinians.
    Every year (usually July) there's a festival of world music and religion held at Tuva republic. See more information in "web resources" below.
  • Khakasia Republic.
    Khakasia republic is located to south-west from Krasnoyarsk. This region is interesting for rafting and trekking activities. The capital of Khakasia is Abakan and you can get there by daily train 124 departing Krasnoyarsk at 15.52 Moscow time and arriving at 2.23 Moscow time to Abakan (travel time 10 hours). The train back is 124 with the same departure and arrival times.
Photo. Krasnoyarsk.

Photo. Krasnoyarsk.

Photo. Krasnoyarsk.

Photo. Krasnoyarsk.

Photo. Krasnoyarsk.

Photo. Krasnoyarsk.

Photo. Krasnoyarsk.

Photo. Krasnoyarsk.




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