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KGB Museum (the "chekist" hall of the KGB of the USSR). Lubyanka museum. Russia museums. Moscow museums. Museum in Moscow



KGB MUSEUM (the "chekist" hall of the KGB of the USSR)

Opened in 1984 the Hall was created for professional training and educating of the State Security services employees.

The historical demonstrative hall of the FSB of Russia is located in the central part of Moscow in the building of FSB, former KGB. It was organized for the counter spying officers only. But later, in 1989, due to the changes in its status and changes in the country it was open for public visits. The museum consists of 4 halls with more than 2 thousand exhibits giving the visitors the idea of the Russian counter spying system from its early days till now.

  • Documents of the times of Peter the Great, Catherine II, the wars of 1812 and 1914.
  • Arms and equipment of the spy groups that were running errands on the territory of the Soviet Union after the World War II.
  • Satellite and other radio stations, mini cameras in the form of a lighter, watch, crayons and key tokens.
  • Explosive plaster casts in the shape of cans, cigarette packs etc. 
  • Photos of the foreign spies caught in the action and arrested afterwards.
  • 12, Bol. Lubyanka st., Moscow. Metro station - Lubyanka
  • Open Daily 10:00 Ц 17:00. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Tour duration Ч about 1/2 hours
Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.




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