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Sight of interest of the Moscow. Around city center. Inner south, south of the city.




  • Central House of Artists.
  • New Tretyakov Gallery.
  • Sculptures Park. Moscow Park Iskusstv at Krymsky Val. A unique open-air sculpture museum founded in 1993, with about 700 works by sculptors of the past and present. Highlights include Soviet monuments that were removed from their pedestals in the squares and parks of Moscow after 1991. Among them is the controversial statue of the first Soviet secret police chief Felix Dzerzhinsky, which communists dream of returning to its former place on Lubyanskaya Ploshchad. The exhibits are placed so that there is still enough room for pebbled paths, flowerbeds, fountains, a summer cafe and playground.
  • St John the Warrior (Tserkov Ivana voina).
  • The Tretyakov Art Gallery is a Russian fine arts museum of the X-XX centuries. It was named after its founder, merchant and patron of arts Pavel Tretyakov who in 1892 granted his collection to Moscow. At that time the main part of the collection were pictures by Peredvizhniki ( "The Society for circulating art exhibitions - Traveling artists") - painters of democratic trend in art. In the museum one can see such masterpieces as the Icon Troitsa (Trinity) by Andrey Rublev (XV century), the great canvas Christophany by Alexander Ivanov, llya Repin's Ivan the Terrible and his Son lvan depicting the horror of the father who has killed his son, historical canvases by Vasily Surikhov, works of art by Russian avant-gardists Malevich, Kandinsky, Rodchenko, Larionov, Goncharova etc.
Ulitsa Bolshaya Ordynka and Pyatnitskaya Ulitsa.
  • Resurrection Church in Kadashi (Tserkov Voskreseniya v Kadashakh).
  • SS Mikhail and Fyodor Church (Tserkov Mikhaila i Fyodora).
  • St John the Baptist Church (Tserkov Ioanna Predtechi)
  • Virgin of Consolation of All Sorrows Church (Tserkov ikony Bogomateri Vsekh Skorbyashchikh Radost).
  • St Clement's Church (Tserkov Klementa Papy Rimskogo).
  • Church of St Nocholas in Puzhi (Tserkov Nikoly v Puzhakh).
  • SS Martha and Mary Convent (Marfo-Mariiskaya obitel).


  • Popular museum of history the Moscow underground. 
    The Museum presents the history of building and operating Moscows subway from 1935 through1995. 
    - Underground: Sportivnaya. 
    - Address: 36, Hamovnicheskiy val ul.
    - Moscow underground pictures.


  • Donskoy Monastery.
  • Danilovsky Monastery.
    Danilovsky monastery was the first monastery to be founded in Moscow and the first one to be reopened after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This ancient monastery was founded in 1282 by Grand Prince Daniil of Moscow, who became the honoured saint later on. Danilovsky monastery is not his only donation to the Motherland: Prince Daniil was also the one who managed to turn Moscow into an independent principality. 
    18th and 19th century are said to be the heyday of the ancient Danilovsky monastery. A bell-tower and some new churches including the Trinity Church (Tserkov Zhivonachalnoy Troitsy) were erected then. The Trinity Church (1833) was one of the last creations of Moscow master of architecture Osip Bove. 
    It is the residence of the Patriarch since 1982. 
    Nearest metro station: Paveletskaya, Proletarskaya
    Address: Danilovsky val, 22
  • Novospassky Monastery
  • Krutitskoe Podvorye.
    This Palace Ensemble with two churches includes tiled Krutitskiy teremok (upper gate tent over the Holy gates). It is a unique architectural building under UNESCO protection. The Ensemble belongs to the Moscow Patriarchy.
    - Open: 10 am5 pm except TUE and the first THU of each month.
    - Address: 1 Krutitskaya Ul.
    - Metro: Proletarskaya
  • Church of St Nicholas on Rogozhskoe cemetery
  • Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory).
  • Moscow University.
  • Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve.
    Kolomenskoe is an estate of great princes and tsars of the XVI-XVII centuries (now inside Moscow), which is picturesquely situated on a high bank of the Moskva-river. It was first mentioned in the first half of the XIV century. The main sight of Kolomenskoe is the Church of Ascension (1532), one of the first stone hip temples. The Church of the beheading of St. John the Baptist, The Belfry of George the Victorious (XVI century), the Kazan Cathedral (XVII century) are parts of the Kolomenskoe complex. Since 1971 Kolomenskoe has been a reserve that features memorials of Russian wooden architecture.
  • Tsaritsino Museum of History, Architecture, Art and Nature. 
    The museum is an ensemble of pavilions and palaces created in accordance with the architect Bazhenov's project especially for the empress Ekaterina II. The Complex includes the Large Palace, the Small Palace, the Opera House, the Cavalry hut barracks, the Khlebnye gates and bridges. After reconstruction in 1998 three new pavilions were opened: the Small Palace, the Octahedron and the Opera House with changeable expositions. The Hall of the Opera House regulary arranges concerts.
Donskoy monastery. Moscow. Attractions.

Donskoy monastery. Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow Park Iskusstv at Krymsky Val.Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow Park Iskusstv at Krymsky Val.Moscow. Attractions.

Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory).Moscow. Attractions.

Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory).Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.

Moscow. Attractions.




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