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Arsenyev Primorsky Krai Museum. Museum of Vladivostok. Vladivostok museum.



Arsenyev Primorsky Krai Museum

One of the central museums of Vladivostok named after famous field researcher and traveler. Nature, ethnography, archaeology, and history museum. Opened in 1890. Over 200,000 exhibits. Stuffed animals, herbariums, minerals. The history of the Primorye Region from ancient to modern times. A Jurchengs burial complex. A Katyusha rocket machine from World War II. A rich numismatic collection. The history of Vladivostok from the city's birth. A collectors' store. Gift shop.

The most oldest museum in Primorski Krai, has been based in 1884. It is located in 3 floor
Building in the center of Vladivostok also has 2 branches. Within the precincts of a museum expositions - Are developed Archeology, ethnographies, radical small peoples of Far East region, development and Settling of edge, "Old Vladivostok ", history of edge of the Soviet period, an exposition of the nature and Ecologies of Primorski Krai, a geological exposition, an ornithological exhibition and a number Mobile time exhibitions. This museum is visited by all visitors of Vladivostok!

In 2000 it will note the 110-anniversary. More than for 100 years in a museum the significant museum assembly was generated, collections of a museum total over 300 thousand units of storage. Scientific and cultural activity of a museum him. V.K.Arsenyev received a high international estimation three times: 1900 - two bronze medals of the World Parisian exhibition for ethnographic collections of a museum; 1997 - " Gold Palma ", 1998 - Gran-At. The museum is awarded by these awards within the framework of the international program " Partnership for the sake of progress " for development of cultural communications.

Today the structure of the Seaside incorporated museum includes museums of various structures: historic-study of local lore, memorial, it is natural - scientific.

A museum on street Peter the Great, 6.

Museum located in the building which constructed with support of inhabitants of of Vladivostok and has opened for visitors in 1890. Today in halls of a museum exhibitions work: "Motorcycles of the last years", "In air and on the ground", "the Entertaining aquarium". Here in a museum it is possible to get the attracted models, collection copies of the medieval weapon, aquarium fishes, semi-precious stones and products from natural stones according to your horoscope, to make examination juvelirno-stone-cutting products.

The Far East memorial house V.K.Arsenyev's museum (7a, Arsenyev street)

Unique museum in Russia the known traveler, the writer, scientific which has opened to the civilized world the Far East; whose books are transferred to thirty languages of the world and picturized. In a museum unique exhibits, the richest ethnographic and archeological collections collected by Arsenyev more, than in 20-oe expeditions are submitted; materials about his conductor golde, little-known documents and the photos earlier stored in spetshrane and personal collections. In memorial section of a museum on the basis of memoirs of contemporaries, native and close V.K.Arsenyev his study is recreated on original subjects.

A building of a museum in the center of Vladivostok
(20, Svetlanskaja, street)

Museum constructed in the beginning of a century.Predano to a museum in the middle 70 g.g. Old residents remember it as V.P.Babintseva's managing largest in beginning of the century of trading firm house " CHurin and To ". Now here the expositions devoted to the nature and history of Primorski Krai are open. The museum takes into account versatile interests of the visitors. For you shop " Hobby " which is open will help to fill up personal collections, starting from numismatics, and philately and finishing antiques. The gift shop of a museum will offer you products of seaside painters, products of arts and crafts, jewels and many other things.

A house-museum of family Suhanovyh (9, Sukhanov, street)

Museum located in one of few private residences kept from the last century. The family of the senior counselor of Seaside regional board, councillor of state A.V.Sukhanov, the person lived in this house since 1895 known, one of what hands and cares our city prospered. The museum reproduces an interior of a house of the official of the end of 19 centuries - the living-room, a dining room, a cabinet and a nursery are restored.

  • The address: 20, Svetlanskaya Street, Vladivostok, Russia.
  • Time-schedule: Operating time: with 10 - 19 hour. The day off - Monday
Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.




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