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Places to visit in Vladivostok. Russian Far East.




Vladivostok - seaside city, here all is connected to the sea: history of city, architecture and the industry. The person of city is defined by trading and fish seaports. The important role in the industry of city is played with ship repair and shipbuilding. In city it is a lot of museums, 3 theatres, a philarmonic society, picture gallery, circus.

The city tour starts from the Vladivostok Railway Station built in Russian architectural style of the 17th century, modeled after the Yaroslavsky Railway Station in Moscow (the beginning of the Trans-Siberian Railroad). You will see the last milestone of the Trans-Siberian Railroad with the inscription on it: "Here is the terminus of the Great Trans-Siberian Railroad. Distance to Moscow is 9288 km" (5771 miles).

The tour takes you to the main square of the city, site of public holiday celebrations. See Primorye Administration and the Krai Duma building. Travel along Korabelnaya Naberezhnaya Street to the Pacific Fleet Headquarters, the Memorial Submarine S-56 and the Eternal Flame. See the Monument to sailors of the Commercial Fleet who perished during World War II, St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

You will have a chance to enjoy the best view of Vladivostok from the top of the Eagle's Nest (Orlinoye Gnezdo) Hill, the highest point of the city (214 m, or 702 feet). See the fascinating panorama of Golden Horn, Amursky, and Ussuriisky Bays and Russian Island. On to the Commercial Port, Fishing Port, docks, and sea terminals. The famous Vladivostok Aquarium with its main attraction, beluga whales, will be your last stop.

Railway Station, Marine Terminal, the Brynner family house, Far East Shipping Company, "Gray Horse" apartment complexes (Stalin-time architecture), Central Square, "White House" - Regional Administration building, Primorye Philharmonic Hall, GUM department store, Arseniev Museum, Versailles Hotel, Sportivnaya Harbor.

  • Sea fortress Vladivostok
    Russia of the Far East Vladivostok has played histories of economic, political and military development extremely important role as a military post, naval base, trading port and a final point of the Great Siberian trunk-railway.
    Opportunity concerning safe development of city, military and trading port provided at the end of 19 - the beginning of 20 centuries presence in Vladivostok a sea fortress, one of the strongest in the world.
    Now more than hundred fortifikatsionnyh constructions of the Vladivostok fortress on peninsula Muraveva-Amur and island Russian are recognized as monuments of history and military-defensive architecture of federal value. They are objects of popular excursion routes.
  • Islands of Peter the Great bay
    Unforgettable rest can become island tourism. On water area of Peter the Great bay are generously scattered small and absolutely fine ostrovki with very beautiful relief and picturesque coast.
    As a rule, here there is no resident population, the organization "robinzonady" residing of tourists on desert islands therefore is possible. To lead in such reserved place from two-three days about one week - huge pleasure for people tired of noise of cities. The same who has got used to convenience, can go on excursion on water area of a gulf on a comfortable yacht.
    Islands of Peter the Great bay - present paradise for fans of diving. The underwater world of sea of Japan on a specific variety wins first place among the seas of our country. For fans ponyrjat with an aqualung as if Gerasimov's islands, Sibirjakova, Antipenko, Stenina, TSivolko, ZHeltuhina and others are specially created.
  • Island Russian. Fortress of a moonlight. Has a ferry communication with Vladivostok (40 minutes in a way). Long time was the closed island, the set of military units and the well-known strengthenings of the Vladivostok fortress here settled down. During Soviet times of arms of island of Russian could keep 5 minutes an attack of military power of all world ? Today Russian - "disarms". Here excursions on forts of the Vladivostok fortress and Voroshilovskuju the battery are organized. It is possible to have a rest on the basis of rest or in camps. Frequently here come simply on picnic or fishing.
  • Island Popova. The native name - Mum - saha, meaning " Are black coast under a lonely star ". The island is rich with beaches. Here there is northern site - an educational zone of Far East sea reserve. On island the museum " the Nature of the sea and its protection " operates, the center of ecological education, is created the Island botanical garden. The museum organizes excursions on island - ecological, arheorlogicheskie, on fortifikatsionnye constructions of island, on litoral islands Popova. On island from Vladivostok (once a day, the ferry goes to ways - 1.5 hours). The island is manned, there is a settlement, a fish factory, tourist centers.
  • Island Rejnike. Has no constant message with Vladivostok, now here lives less than 100 person. Are organized tent camp in the summer.
  • Island Rikorda. It is not manned, has no organized message with Vladivostok. Islands Protjazhengnost - 4 km, width of 23 km. Peschannye and galechnye beaches. Beautiful high steep coast, reefs. The most part of island is covered with a undersized wood. In summertime on aostrove works ajut platochnye camp. There is a plantation of a "domestic" comb.
  • Islands Pahtusova - three small ostrovka, covered with grassy vegetation. All islands and rocks are connected among themselves by a underwater stony ridge.
  • <Zoological hospital of biologo-soil institute DVO of the Russian Academy of Science
    In area Spasskom, in with. Gajvoron there is a zoological hospital the area 2 ga where in the conditions approached to natural, there lives family of the Amur tigers - "daddy", "mum" + 2 tigrenka. About 10 years the senior scientific employee of institute V.G.Judin is engaged in studying of the Amur tiger. To look at fine graceful animals people from all world go to look!
Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.




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