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Zoological museum for Far East State University (DVGU). Museum of Vladivostok.



Zoological museum for Far East State University (DVGU)

Among natural-historical museums of the Far East of Russia Zoological museum DVGU takes a special place, thanking his extensive collections. The museum including is totaled more than 40 000 copies of animals from 52 classes and 20 types. The exposition is constructed by a regular principle. In exposition halls it is placed about 3 000 exhibits.

The most part of collection materials is qualified it is processed and catalogued. Are most various on structure and are numerous in a museum of a collection of insects, molluscs, birds, ryboobraznyh, mammal, nemertin, iglokozhih and rakoobraznyh. Collections of molluscs, birds and nemertin have the greatest scientific value.

A number of typical copies is stored in a museum nemertin, molluscs, rakoobraznyh, that repeatedly raises scientific value of natural-science collections.

In an exposition 120 copies mammal of 16 groups are placed.

In an ornithological collection 374 kinds (more than 5 500 copies) from 81 families are totaled. More than half of kinds falls at a share of Far East birds, but in a collection birds of tropics, subtropics and moderate breadthes of a southern hemisphere are submitted also. In an exposition hall it is exposed more than 300 kinds of birds from 24 groups.


In an exposition ryboobraznyh and fishes the attention of a shark, slopes and usually draw of a chimera. From bone fishes are interested in kinds about which something heard more, but did not see close (kaluga, mureny, skates, barracudas, udilshchiki).

In total it is exhibited more than 300 kinds of fishes.


The collection of folding molluscs includes more than 540 kinds (about 6 500 copies), from them fresh-water - more than 60 kinds (about 1 400 copies). Collection brjuhonogih molluscs has no smaller value. In it it is totaled about 1 000 kinds (more than 6 000 copies) from 125 families, from them sea - more than 800 kinds. Families Buccinidae (more than 80 kinds), Cypraeidae (94 kinds), Conidae (67 kinds) and Muricidae (44 kinds) are most various. Curiosities of collection assembly brjuhonogih molluscs - gold kauri, cones Glory of the Seas and Glory of India and many others. The collection of molluscs is collected also from all ugolkov world ocean. Many exhibits are unique. In an exposition it is placed more than 800 kinds.


In a collection of a museum iglokozhie are submitted by all 5 modern classes. The geography of receipts is very wide - the Far East seas, tropics and subtropics of Silent and Indian oceans, Arctic regions and Antarctic Region.

A specific variety iglokozhih is to the greatest degree submitted by starfishes. They obviously prevail and on number of units of storage. Almost half of all kinds concerns to families Goniasteridae, Asteridae and Oreasteridae.

The geography of faunistic gathering rakoobraznyh is very extensive. In funds of a museum there are representatives from Beringova, Ohotskogo, Japanese, East-Chinese, Southern-Chinese, JAvanskogo and the seas Arafunskogo, coastal waters of Australia (Timorskoe and Coral exhausting), and also gathering from an open part of Indian ocean, the Arabian and Red seas, coastal areas of southern Africa, Southern and Northern America, and also atolls of the central and southwest parts of Pacific ocean.

Among rakoobraznyh the greatest interest the largest Arctic amfipoda, the giant among rakoobraznyh - the lobster, the tropical attracting crab and represent a huge wood louse batinomus, others. In total about 140 animals.

  • The address: Museum DVGU is located in city centre of Vladivostok on crossing of the Ocean prospectus and street October. By a number it is located Pokrovsky park with Orthodox arrival of the Cover of Divine Mother.
  • Operating hours: from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The days off - Sunday, Monday
Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.

Photo. Vladivostok. Primorsky kray. Russian Far East.




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