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Damdin Sukhbaatar




The central square of Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia, is named after D.Sukhbaatar.

It won't take long before you wonder who Damdin Sukhbaatar is - a statue of the man astride a horse dominates the square named after him in Ulaanbaatar, his face is on many currency notes, and there is a provincial capital and aimag called Sukhbaatar.

D.Sukhbaatar is one of the first seven revolutionists | who set up an underground group and visited the Soviet Union to establish ties and request help for their revolutionary cause to free the Mongolian people from foreign exploiters and present them with their freedom.

The first general of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Army, D. Sukhbaatar, was born in the Amgalan village of Ikh Khuree - the capital of that time (1893). Since 1911, having served in the army of Bogd Khaan for seven years, he had become a combatant commander.

At about 20 years of age, D. Sukhbaatar experienced the country's independence, having taken part in 168 small and large battles, which he personally led to 120 victories.

In a song of respect, and being proud of its outstanding son, the Mongolian people have named the central square after him and erected a monument to him.

Between 1921 and 1923, D.Sukhbaatar was the Army General and, since 1922, the Minister of Military. Two years after the People's Revolutionary victory, or in 1923, the young general passed away due to illness in his 30th year.

For his merit, the People's Government has granted him the title of "Brave Hero" and the Soviet Government has honored him the Red Flag Order.

D. Sukhbaatar had close relations with the last Khaan of Mongolia, Bogd Gegeen and fought for the country's national independence, but did not intend to spread Bolshevik ideas in Mongolia. His death, therefore, aroused suspicion.

On the occasion of the General's birth anniversary, O. Navaan studying the spiritual heritage of D. Sukhbaatar, hosted an exhibition at the Mongolian Museum of National History to display historical documents, photographs, badges, and other articles related to the historical phenomenon, collected during 42 years. The collection of O.Navaan numbers over 480 exhibits, including the rarest photographs which the National Archives do not have.

The Mongolian Museum of National History has many interesting exhibits related to D. Sukhbaatar and his spouse S. Yanjmaa, including a Mauser pistol, whip, clothes, cups, etc. The number of exhibits exceeds 100 and one of the most interesting is an axe with broken handle. This was found by the General's father, Damdin, and taken as a good omen when Sukhbaatar was born, and so he gave his son the name of "Sukh", which means axe in Mongolian.

He packed a lot in a short life - he was dead at 30, The exact cause of his death has never been known, and he did not live to see Mongolia proclaimed a republic.

Pictures. The first Sukhbaatar monument.

Pictures. The first Sukhbaatar monument.

Pictures. Sukhbaatar monument in the Central square.

Pictures. Sukhbaatar monument in the Central square.

Pictures. Sukhbaatar monument in the Central square.

Pictures. Sukhbaatar monument in the Central square.

Pictures. Damdin Sukhbaatar (1893-1923)

Pictures. Damdin Sukhbaatar (1893-1923)




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