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The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag



The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag

The museum was founded 1947 under the name "Aimag Museum" in 1967. Gobi-Altai aimag is the cradle of ancient peoples imprint and trace , tools and weapons from the Stone, the Bronze, the iron and middle Ages, and the museum is rich, in exhibits of those Ages. Today museum has 2537 exhibits. They are in four halls and ten rooms and at once you can enjoy 1600 exhibits of natural- geography, history , ethnography, the nations art and honor room for the famous people.

The most interesting and valuable exhibits are jade axe from 4000-5000 years of BC, the Bronze horse statue from Vll-lll years BC, and the "Zasagt Khaan " silver stamp with handles in a shape lion from nineteenth century.

On the aimag territory in open area, we have 35 historical places of stone men, stone deer, and inscriptions on the rocks, grave and burial-mounts. The Government protest all these places.

Bronze horse

The bronze horse was skillfully made to bear a stem body, long ears 8 round eyes , a neatly trimmed mane as well as a beautifully decorated , twisted tail. It proudly stands on a flat base with a rough and rugged surface? As for the design , it is similar to the horse statues fond in Russia and wild goat statues fond in Southern Siberia and Minus Lowlands. The Bronze Horse dates back to 7-3 rd century B.C. un the beginning of the iron Age. Its beautifully crafted design is unrivaled in our country.

The Bronze Horse was acquired by the treasury as part of the collection in 1965, from Jargalan soum.

Bronze was a commonly used material around 4000-2000 BC 8 and has been essential to social- economic development mankind throughout history, especially the improvement of crafts.

Bronze statues dating to the Bronze Age were mainly shaped after the most important factors of survival of the time, animals. People lived off the breeding of livestock as well as hunting game, thus plates, necklaces and other jewelry resembling cows, horses, camels and wild beats are found plentifully in Mongolia. One of them is the Bronze Horse.

Height - 17 cm Weight - 470 g

Dinosaurs Thigh Bone

The upper part of a dinosaur thigh bone was found in Ulaan Yawar of Biger Soum in 1973. the dinosaurs found around the desert in Gobi-Altai are carnivorous and many' footprints and remaining are found in Altai and Biger soum.

Our country is one of the few counties the word which still has abundant dinosaur remains finds. The great desert | of Mongolia was a sea that had lots of water a very long 1 time ago and there plenty of dinosaur remains can be found from the land. The dinosaurs walked the earth about 200 million years ago and became completely extinct | around 65 million years ago. 13 dinosaur families, about^ 70 kinds, and 130 varieties of dinosaurs are known at the -moment.

Seal of Zasagt Khan Aimag

The seal has a sculpted tiger in a sitting position, resting on a 10,5x 10,5 cm Hat square stand. The stands height is 2,5 cm . its four sides have Manchurian scripts in a silver casting. Two of four rows of words are in Manchurian pronunciation, the next two rows in Uigar script. One of the writing indicates the function of the seal: The seal weighs 3960 gram and everything but the words are made with pure silver.

At the beginning of 1912, the Assembly chairman of Zasagt Khan aimag sent a letter to the Ministry of internal Affairs saying: Our Khalkhs established a new regime,

renovated the seal .... Therefore, you may stop using old seals all over the country. Seals handed down from the kings of ancient times have importance. Thus we will safeguard those seals for a while and them hand them in. The people then kept the seal.

Engraved saddle (XVII century)

The saddle has a strip of silver metal attached to its pommel and cantle , and a gilded dragon design engraved in steel. The saddles seat it made from leather and is elaborately decorated. The seat jockeys are hand- woven with shapes of ocean and fish. The back of the pommels engravings has a layer of blue colored cloth and the pommel has silver Metal medal attached to rear and the front. An additional 4 brass nails are pinned on the of the pommel and 6 brass nails on the front. The pommel is shaped like the tip of a traditional Mongolian boot and the cantle is shaped like the Mongolian socks worn under the traditional boots.

Two elders living around Tsagaan Lake in Sharge soum of Gobi-Altai aimag gave the saddle to the collection in 1956. According to them the saddle is thought to have belonged to Galdan Boshigt Khan and was handed down from generation to generation.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.

Photo. The museum of Gobi-Altay Aimag.



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