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Улан-Батор. Рестораны. Кафе.



За последние годы в Улан-Баторе открылись десятки новых ресторанов, кафе и пабов. Многие иностранцы имеющие бизнес в Монголии, открывают свои рестораны. Поэтому в Улан-Баторе такое разнообразие ресторанов с европейской и азиатской кухней.
В Улан-Баторе открыто много уютных пивбаров с собственными пивоварнями. Многие иностранцы отмечают отличное качество монгольского пива.
Отличительной чертой сферы обслуживания является исключительная вежливость обслуживающего персона. Меню в основном на монгольском и английских языках. Но во многих ресторанах в меню присутствуют фотографии блюд, так, что с выбором болю затруднений не возникает.


Отличительная черта этих ресторанов, богатый выбор мясных блюд. Свинина, говядина, баранина, птица. Выбор на любой вкус.

  • MODERN NOMADS. Монгольская кухня.
  • MONGOLIA BARBEQUE. Сеть ресторанов с традиционной монгольской кухней.
  • NOMADS LEGENDS. Традиционная монгольская кухня.
  • Grand Khaan. Ресторан. Традиционная монгольская кухня.
  • ИХ МОНГОЛ. Ресторан. Традиционная монгольская кухня.
  • SILK ROAD. Ресторан. Традиционная монгольская кухня.
  • Mongolians. This upmarket Mongolian restaurant has walls lined with traditional antiques and old photos, and a menu of contemporary local cuisine. Expect stir-fried meats, dumplings and boiled mutton, along with some Russian and European influences and cold beer on tap. It's a bit out of the way, however.
  • Bull 3. Within the upmarket Blue Mon Building is this elegant restaurant that's always busy with well-dressed folk here for hotpot. Order an array of raw vegetables, sauces and thinly sliced meats, which are brought to your table on platters, then cook the ingredients in your personal cauldron of boiling broth. It also has two branches on Seoul St – Bull 1 and Bull 2.
  • CHINGIS (Чингис). Монгольская, китайская, корейская кухни.
  • SEOUL. Корейская кухня.
  • Pyongyang Baek Hwa Restaurant
    This North Korean restaurant delivers in the weirdness stakes, with its classic DRPK kitsch and a memorable stage performance held each evening at 8pm. Hidden atop a high-rise building, there are fantastic city views, and it's decorated with fake birch trees. There's an art gallery (all works for sale), and a menu offering regional dishes and classics such as bulgogi and bibimbap.
    Wash it down with a North Korean beer or soju, though the former will set you back T18,000! There's a bunch of intriguing propaganda material to peruse while you await your meal. All staff are from Pyongyang and speak reasonable English. It's a little out of the way, located in the Daco building behind the Urgoo-1 cinema.
  • SEKITEI. Японская кухня.
  • NARA. Японская кухня.
  • Hazara. Tucked behind the Wrestling Palace, this North Indian restaurant has consistently been one of the best restaurants in Ulaanbaatar for over 15 years. Each table is covered by a colourful Rajasthani tent, where you sit back and enjoy tandoori baked delights. Try the chicken tikka, aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower) or raan-e-hazara (lamb marinated in rum).
  • SISSI. В свое время получил популярность как классический европейский ресторан. Австрийский кофе экспрессо. Классическая музыка.
  • SERICON. Греческая кухня.
  • Opanas. For something a bit different head to this Ukrainian restaurant for dumplings, chicken kiev and borscht, among other classics served in a kitschy setting by staff in traditional peasant clothing.
  • Los Banditos. мексиканская и индийская кухни.
  • MexiKhan. MexiKhan satisfies a broad selection of Latin American food cravings. Most are here for Tex-Mex classics such as burritos and tacos, but you can also opt for Peruvian dishes, such as lomo saltado (stir-fried beef), or Cuban dishes, including ropa vieja (pulled beef and Creole sauce). Portions are large and the colourful and fresh ingredients are a delight, as are the rum and tequila cocktails.
    Illuminated with soft red lighting, MexiKhan has the look and feel of a nightclub. If you prefer a brighter atmosphere, there is outdoor deck seating in summer. The restaurant often holds special events, including Latin dancing on Fridays. MexiKhan is located inside the Regency Residence, an apartment tower on Unesco St.
  • Green Zone. Appropriately named Green Zone is a lush oasis, where plants seem to grow from walls and colourful, fresh ingredients appear in front of hungry diners. The cafe-style menu features sandwiches, burgers, quiche and soups. There's hummus, freshly baked bread, mini pizzas and salads with ingredients grown in the restaurant's hanging garden. Our go-to favourites are the broccoli soup, tuna melt and lasagne.
    French owner Jessie has created a cosy and friendly cafe where expats, students, tourists and locals mingle over coffee and light meals. There's comfortable couches, counter-seating and a kid-friendly loft. Pick a book off the shelf or just listen to some good music. In summer, enjoy your meal on the sunny porch overlooking Builder's Sq. Check the Facebook page for events, as Green Zone hosts open-mic nights and local bands. The cafe is hidden behind trees, about 50m north of the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts.
  • DELLA CASA. Пиццерия.
  • MILLIE'S ESPRESSO (American in Ulaanbaatar). Since it first opened its doors in 1998, Millie's has been a favourite among expats seeking American comfort food. The owners – Daniel and Densmaa – warmly greet patrons to their sunlit restaurant and promptly serve up tasty burgers, sandwiches and soups. Special treats include smoothies, lemon pie and a delicious chocolate cake (which sells out early). Don't miss Daniel's famous Cuban sandwich, only available on Tuesday.

Устойчивой популярностью среди иностранцев пользуется ночной клуб "Марко Поло" на втором этаже итальянского ресторана по улице Сеул, рядом с представительством "Аэрофлота" Основа популярности в красивых монгольских танцовщицах. Стрип бары не редкость в ночном Улан-Баторе, но самым изысканным считается ночной клуб Марко Поло, где всю ночь напролет танцуют полностью обнаженные монголки, причем не на сцене, а непосредственно в зале, среди клиентов.

Photo. Restaurant "Grand Khaan"

Photo. Restaurant "Grand Khaan".

Photo. "PLANET pizza"

Photo. "PLANET pizza"

Photo. Restaurant "Modern Nomads"

Photo. Restaurant "Modern Nomads"

Photo. Los Banditos (Mexican and Indian cuisine).

Photo. Los Banditos (Mexican and Indian cuisine).

Photo. Restaurant "Mongolian Barbeque"

Photo. Restaurant "Mongolian Barbeque"

Photo. Restaurant "Mongolian Barbeque"

Photo. Restaurant "Mongolian Barbeque"

Photo. Restaurant "Mongolian Barbeque"

Photo. Restaurant "Mongolian Barbeque"

Photo. The restaurant Opanas (Ukrainian cuisine)

Photo. The restaurant Opanas (Ukrainian cuisine)

Photo. Restaurant Mongolian Barbeque.

Photo. Restaurant Mongolian Barbeque.

Photo. Restaurant Silk Road.

Photo. Restaurant Silk Road.

Photo. Millie's Espresso.

Photo. Millie's Espresso.

Photo. Millie's Espresso.

Photo. Millie's Espresso.



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