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Uliastai town. Zavkhan aimag. Place to visited in region of Mongolia. Sights of interest.




Uliastai. Uliastai is wedged in by mountains on all sides, and has a brisk but dry climate. It is one of the most remote aimag capitals in Mongolia, but is pleasant and quiet, and a logical place to stay while you consider the direction of your plunge into the Mongolian wilderness.

The two museums - the Museum of Famous People (i.e. from Zavkhan aimag) and the History Museum - are next to each other on the main street. The former contains a mammoth bone, some fine religious art, and a tsam mask, worn during lama dances, made from coral. The 'famous' people from Zavkhan include the writer .Chavukhulan and P. Ochirbat, the first democratically elected president of Mongolia.
Dechindarjaa monastery. This small, well-appointed monastery reopened in 1990 and now has around 50 part-time monks. The monks are very friendly, and you are allowed to watch their ceremonies, which start at about 10 a.m. every day. The monastery is in a ger district, a pleasant 3.5 km walk north of the town center - look out for the silver tin roof as you enter from the north.

Javkhlant Tolgoi. This hilltop near the river, and just to the north of the main street, features a pavilion and three concrete animals: an elk, ibex and argali sheep. The views from the top aren't spectacular, but it's worth the short climb to get some notion of how the city is laid out.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.

Photo. Zavkhan aimag.



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