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Zuunmod is the administrative seat of Mongolia's Töv Province. Zoonmod, Manzhir monastery, Eej Khad, Mother Rock, Bogdkhan Uul, Four Holy Peaks




Zoonmod. Nestled in a valley some 40km South of Ulaanbaatar, Zuunmod - the capital of Tov - is a laid-back town. If traveling independently, you may need to stay in Zuunmod to visit the nearby monastery, Manzshir Khiid, or hike in the nearby mountains. Otherwise there's little reason to linger. The chief attraction in Zuunmod is the Central Province Museum, opposite the south-east corner of the park - look for the sign in English. Like most aimag museums, it gives a good summary of the local geology, flora and fauna, and has a stuffed-animals section - the moose is gigantic. There are also some interesting black and white photos of Manzshir Khiid, including the once-regular tsam dances. The nearby Ethnography Museum is currently closed.

Not in the same league as Manzshir Khiid but worth a brief visit, Dasnicnoinkhorlon Khiid is a 500m walk directly East of the department store and across the creek. If you ask the monks, you can go inside the temple. Ceremonies start at around 11 a.m. on most days.

  • Manzhir monastery (Khiid) is about 1.5 hours from Ulaanbaatar in the lovely valley of Bogd Khan Mountains National Park. Built 1733 with 20 temples and 300 monks, it was destroyed in 1932. The last remaining temple was restored and contains now a small museum.
  • Museum of the central aimag (New information's !!!)
  • Eej Khad - Near the village of Khoshigiin Ar in the sum (district) of Sergelen, 15km South of Zuunmod, is the sacred lock known as Eej Khad, or Mother Rock. Mongolians often come here to seek solace and advice, and make offerings of vodka, milk and silk scarves called khatag. Pilgrims ask for three wishes to be granted, circle the rock three times and make three separate visits. The earth around the rock is sacred, so any rubbish that is dropped cannot be picked up; unfortunately, the area is now extremely dirty, with rubbish and broken bottles laying everywhere.
    There are several other sites which are thought to generate good luck. One is Dog Rock, which Mongolians rub their body against to cure ailments. The other, a few kilometers North of Mother Rock, is called Rich Rock and locals touch their wallet to it to ensure financial security.
  • Bogdkhan Uul. The mountain Bogdkhan Uul (2122m) was proclaimed a national park as far back as 1778. During the Soviet period the park's status was formalised and it was renamed after Choibalsan. It is now designated the Bogdkhan Uul Strictly Protected Area (Bogdkhan National Park) (42,651 hectares). Unesco has also proposed to establish a wildlife park in the region, of up to 65,000 hectares. It seems that early legislation has ensured that the park won't become part of Ulaanbaatar's awful urban sprawl.
    The protected area is immediately South of the river, the Tuul Gol, South of Ulaanbaatar and west of Nalaikh. It surrounds Tsetseegun Uul and contains the Zaisan Memorial, Nukht and Manzshir Khiid.
    The map of Bogdkhan National Park 
  • Four Holy Peaks. The 4 peaks surrounding Ulaanbaatar are considered holy. The Tsetseegum, Chingeltei, Songino Khairkhan and Bayansurkh mountains correspond, more or less, to the 4 points on the compass. These peaks are tremendous for hiking, and they're popular for their forests of larch trees, grasslands and stunning bird and animal life, including ibex and sable. The in-depth information about Four Holy Peaks see on pages dedicated Bogdkhan National Park.
Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.

Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.

Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.

Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.

Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.

Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.

Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.

Photo. Zoonmod. Sights of interest.



- Tuv aimag.

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- Zuunmod town. The administrative center.

- Museum of the central (tuv) aimag.

- Manzhir Khiid (Manjushri Monastery).

- Bogdkhan National Park.

- Gorkhi - terelj national park.

- Hustain Nuruu Nature Reserve.

- Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve.

- Chinggis Khaan statue Complex.
 Tsonjin Boldog.

- 13th Century complex, national park.

- Sacred memorial complex was built
 for memorial of Tonyukuk.

- Aglag Buteeliin Khiid.

- Eej Khad. Mother Rock.

- Tuul River

- Tuv aimag. Pages of the pictures album..


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