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Irkutsk is often called the "Paris of Siberia" as the culture and refinement at this one-time outpost not far from the frontiers of China and Mongolia came from the Decembrists, a group of Russian revolutionaries who tried to topple the Russian Empire in 1825.

  • The Monument to Alexander III
  • The White House (24 Gagarin Boulevard) is located opposite the museum building. It is a famous historical and architecture monument of Irkutsk. The House was built in the first quarter of the XIX century for Irkutsk merchant family and first city head Mikhail Vasilyevich Sibiryakov.
    Since 1836 the White house became a residence of Irkutsk General-Governors. It was the place where the exploration and development strategy of the huge region, including Eastern Siberia and Far East, Russian territories in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, was shaped. In 1918 Irkutsk University was opened in the White House. Nowadays it is one of the Zonal Scientific library buildings of Irkutsk State University. The library is one of the biggest book keeping places in Siberia.
  • The Children's Railroad. The railroad is on the embankments of the neighboring islands of Yunost' (Youth Ч transl ) and Konniy (Horse) It is one of Irkutsk s major parks.
    Here from May 9 to August 31 two passenger trains run Each tram is made of seven cars Coming to these islands Irkutsk residents and guests enter the world of childhood and with pleasure become passen gers on this small - but not entirely toy - railroad.
    The railroad attracts boys and girls and here they spend their leisure time while also learning about railroad management in special, well-equipped classes
  • Kirov Square is rightfully considered one of Irkutsk s attractions It has changed its name several times Kremlin Square, Spaskaya Square, Gathering Square Guest-Court Square, Parade Ground Square War Square, Staff Square, Tikhvmskaya Square Count Speransky Square and International Square In 1894 the Irkutsk Kazan Cathedral was build on the square which was considered to be one of the greatest cultural products of Russia It could accommodate 5 000 visitors and was 60 meters tall After the October Revolution the cathedral was closed and then torn down
    A number of religious buildings are close to Kirov Square and the Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya (Lower Embankment - transl ) Bogoyavlensky Cathedral, Spasskaya Church, and the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Bogoyavlensky Cathedral. Bogoyavlensky Cathedral (2 Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya street) This church was under construction for a rather long time, from 1718 to 1746 The cathedral's decoration is a mix of old Russian motifs and baroque elements This style of construction was eventually named ЂSibenan Baroque ї Before the construction of the Kazan cathedral Bogoyavlensky had the status of a cathedral The major decrees and manifestos were read here and people gathered here on days of celebrations and memorials.
  • Spasskaya Church. Spasskaya Church (2 Sukhe-Batora street) was the second stone structure built in Irkutsk. It was erected between 1706 and 1710. The name of the architect is Moisey Dolgikh. It is not only the oldest stone church in city but also in Eastern Siberia. The stone construction has been maintained up to the present day. Spasskaya church has paintings on its external walls Ч a rare feature of church architecture which is not found anywhere else between the Urals and the Pacific Ocean. In 1960 under the direction of Moscow architect G. Oranskoi restoration work was begun. In 1982 a showroom for the Irkutsk Museum of Local and Regional Lore was opened in the church.
  • Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Church (1 Sukhe-Batora street) was erected in 1886. The church's construction was paid by donations from Poles, as Catholics in Irkutsk were almost exclusively exiled Poles. In 1831-1863 the Czar banished to Siberia over 20,000 Poles. Initially the church was a project of Usef Tamulevich, an architect of Polish origin. Other architects participated in the completion of construction. This Irkutsk church is the only gothic architecture in Siberia. Since 1978 the church has housed an organ.
  • Cathedral of Pure Heart of the Virgin Mary (Studgorodok, 110 Gnboedova st.). At the turn of the new century and new millennium a new Catholic church appeared in Irkutsk. Means for its construction were allocated by Catholics from Russia, Italy, France and America. In September, 2000 at the consecration of the cathedral about 600 Catholics from abroad were present Cardinal Jan-Peter Shotte headed the delegation of the papal legate, the chapter of the Synod of Bishops of the Catholic Church The cathedral, which is now the residence of the Catholic deputy in Eastern Siberia, was constructed in one year under the supervision of Polish architects The church's exterior is reminiscent of a snow-white papal tiara It is located on the left bank of the river of Angara, but is easily seen from the opposite bank, adding unique color to the outlines of city
  • Krestovosdvizhenskaya Church (1 Sedova street) It was erected in 1747-1758 and is one of few constructions in Irkutsk included in histories of Russian architecture Its brick ornament walls ("Siberian Baroqueї) are unequalled in Siberia This church was rescued from destruction by the decision of authorities to organize it as an antirehgious museum They stored icons and other items used in religious ceremonies that had been taken from other churches in Krestovosdvizhenskaya Church Today about 700 icons are collected in the church, 400 of which have artistic value The antirehgious museum lasted 7 years In 1943 the orthodox community renewed services.
    Pre-revolutionary Irkutsk maintained about 40 churches In the territory of the city there were also three monasteries Ч Vosnesenskiy, Znamenskiy and Knyaze-Vladimirskiy
  • In the Znamemskiy monastery's necropolis are buried Gngory Shelihov, one of the first researchers of the Kuril archipelago and Alaska, as well as Ekaterma Trubetskaja, wife of one of the Decembrists, who voluntarily followed her husband into exile
  • The Decembrists' Memorial Complex.
  • The city theater was built in 1894-1897. In 1999 the theater building was reconstructed and renewed. The theater space expanded; near-by square was improved.
  • The Memorial for Siberian soldiers fallen in the struggle with German-fascist invaders during the Great Patriotic War (World War II) opened on the Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya (Lower Embankment Ч transl ) on May 8, 1975
    211,000 Irkutsk citizens served during the Great Domestic War, 50,000 of whom never returned Seventy soldiers were named Heroes of the Soviet Union Ч the highest military honor in Soviet times Names of 37 Heroes of Soviet Union are traced on a memorial wall on the Irkutsk Oblast' Administration Building The Eternal Flame was lit by a torch, relayed from the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Moscow Kremlin The same relay delivered a capsule of sacred ground from the grave at Leningrad Highway where until 1968 the remains of the Unknown Soldier were interred
    For almost three decades students have performed honor guard duty at the Eternal Flame, honoring the memory of the heroes who defended the independence of the fatherland
    The bust of the well-known military leader, twice Hero of Soviet Union, General-Lieutenant Afanasiy Beloborodov stands at the memorial A native of Irkutsk Oblast', during the war he commanded a division of the army which participated in the defeat of the Germans near Moscow and in liberation of Koenigsberg
  • The Irkutsk Komsomol Tank Monument - is one more place in Irkutsk where veterans and townspeople come at 9th of May (Victory Day). The monument was unveiled in May of 1967 on the intersection of the Dekabrskih Sobitiy street and Sovietskaya street This monument honors the first tank column constructed by the members of Komsomol of Irkutsk Oblast' The column consisted of 12 T-34 tanks and served within the 206th army troop on the front during the Great Patriotic War
Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.

Photo. Tours to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.




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