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There is some information that one should know about traveling to Yekaterinburg before making the trip.

Yekaterinburg is the third largest Russian city, administrative center of Sverdlovsk oblast and the capital of the Urals. Sverdlovsk oblast is one of the most developed and advanced regions in Russia. It is very rich in minerals and raw materials, main industry branches are heavy machinery and metallurgy. It is situated far from ethnic conflicts areas and politically stable.

Yekaterinburg can be easily found on the geographical map of the vast Euro-Asian Continent: it is in the middle of the Ural mountains, which separate Europe and Asia. Thus, Yekaterinburg lies at the crossroads of 2 continents and it determines its political, economic and cultural peculiarities.

Yekaterinburg is the capital of the Ural Federal District, which covers an area of about 2 million sq. km. The territory possesses the main oil and gas fields in Russia, and the richest deposits of iron and polymetallic ores. The world largest metallurgical enterprises are located in the Urals, concentrating here due to the great industrial and intellectual potential.

Sverdlovsk oblast (and Yekaterinburg as its main city) exports raw materials and imports foodstuff, consumer goods and machines. Business and investment climate is believed to be favorable.

The time difference is +2 hours Moscow time and +5 hours GMT, so you wonТt suffer insomnia or sleepiness.

The climate here can be described as УcontinentalФ Ц cold and snowy winters and warm summers. So in winter, you can ski, skate, and toboggan; and in summer you can swim (there are many lakes, rivers and ponds around Yekaterinburg), hike, and mountain-climb.

So, in winter you are welcome to ski and skate, and in summer v to swim (there are many lakes, rivers and ponds around Yekaterinburg), hike and mountain-climb.

Hunting has always been very popular in Russia. Here you have great opportunities to hunt, as Yekaterinburg is surrounded by forests full of different animals and birds. Hunting and fishing have always been a favorite here with sportsmen, as forests and lakes full of birds, game, and fish surround Yekaterinburg; and there are many shops here that can completely outfit any sportsman.

Besides, Yekaterinburg and towns around it have wonderful, historical and often unique architecture which can be attractive for your eyes and interesting to compare.

Yekaterinburg offers also a wide range of museums, theatres, clubs and restaurants for you to enjoy.


People is the top value of Yekaterinburg. In compare with such big cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg may be considered provincial in some ways. That influents to people, they are more traditional, more open, more friendly.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.




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