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Tours to Ekaterinburg. Travel to Ekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg. Sverdlovsk. Legend tour.



There are many places of interest in and around Yekaterinburg. We have a fluent English speaking staff who can do a tour of Yekaterinburg for you.

We can do not only the general sightseeing, we can cater to your more specific needs.

There are coin and stamp collector societies in Yekaterinburg. We can put you in touch with people sharing the same interests and hobbies.

We know the outlets selling very nice Russian carpets.

We can take you to the Chinese market and we can show you the nightlife of Yekaterinburg.

Just let us know what you're after and we will help you out.

In summer, temperatures in the Urals stay on 20 - 25 C level. We suggest that you reserve one or two days of your stay to visit incredibly beautiful lakes - "Ural pearls" hidden in boundless forests, the most romantic scenery you can imagine. Nature of the area, surprisingly enough, managed to escape destructive human touch - it's gorgeous and impressive wilderness.

For our winter visitors, we offer skiing trips to a beautiful mountain area not far from Yekaterinburg. Unforgettable landscape, natural snow, resorts not overcrowded with tourists. You will rent professional skiing equipment, if you do not have your own, use help of an English speaking instructor if necessary. Comparing to the rest of the world - moderate pricing of your stay.

For those who are ready to try some extreme activities we can offer hunting tours. Ural forest is a huge area covered by pine and birch woods with various fauna. Spring period - hunting black cock, wood-grouse - lasts from 20th of April till 15th of May. Duration of the tour is three to five days, usually in groups of five people. Fall hunting - bear - from 15th of August till 15th of September. This type of hunting needs preliminary training course (1 day). From seven to ten days, small groups.

For your attention we are offering you the next tours:
  • Tour R0401. Yekaterinburg round-up city tour. 
  • Tour R0402. Europe-Asia border line tour. 
  • Tour R0403. Nizhny Tagil - cradle of metallurgy 
  • Tour R0404. The settlement of Nizhnaya Sinyatchikha - the town of Alapayevsk
  • By you request we can offer you the individual tours. If you are interesting at the something special or you want to know more about history of Russia please write us and we will fulfill your wishes.
Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.

Photo. Tours to Yekaterinburg.




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