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Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts. Museum in Ekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg museums. Travel to Ekaterinburg. Yekaterinburg. Sverdlovsk. Legend tour.


Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts

Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts is one of the biggest Art museums in the Urals. It always develops, add its collections and tell people about the art life of their mother land.

The main building of the museum is located in a very beautiful and picturesque place in the city: Historical Square. The funds of the museum take the area of two buildings: the first is on Voyevodin, 5 - The structure reconstructed in 1985 from the building of 18th century, and the second is on Vayner st.11 - previously the shop of Ekaterinburg Merchant, designed in 1914 by Mr. Bobykin K.T.

Our museum is famous with a unique collection of Kasli cast-iron moulding and ,especially, with Kasli cast iron Pavilion. But besides the pavilion the museum has got quite a number of real masterpieces of Russian, West Europe, applied and modern Arts. The department of Russian Paintings got a big and constantly replenishing collection of icons, referring to 16-19th centuries. It is 700 items. Russian Art of the 2nd part of 18th - 1st quarter of 19th is introduced by the works of F. Rokotov, D. Levitzkiy, V. Borovikovskiy, V. Tropinin, K. Brullov, A. Venitsianov, I. Aivazovskiy. The Art of the 2nd part of 18th century is represented by so called artists-peredvizhniks V. Perov, I. Kramskoy, G. Myasoyedov. The end of 19th c. was the top of Russian painting and the time of creation of different art associations. The museum has several pictures of the Association The World of Art created by A. Benua, S. Sudeykin . Significant part of the collection of West Europe Art contents the pictures of Italian artists of 14-19th cc. Besides the drawings from France , Holland, Germany. The collection of Russian Avant-garde of 1910-1920 is the property of the museum. At the exposition on Vayner st. The pictures of K. Malevitch, V. Kandinskiy, M. Larionov, N. Goncharova, I. Mashkov Are represented as well.


Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1936. It was the year of Sverdlovsk Art Gallery foundation.
In 1909 the Academy filled the funds of the Art department again and some other pictures were got from the Ekaterinburg Association of Amateurs of graceful Arts, which was founded in1895. In 1912 this association organized a great exhibition of Moscow, S.-Petersburg and Ural artists. It was an important step in the filling of the city art collection. Some works were The Sons Portrait by S. Malyutin, The creations of L. Pasternak, L. Turzhanskiy , M. Aladzhanov and of other great artists of Russia. On of the most productive period of filling up the collection of the art department was the time when Soviet power was established on the territory of the Urals and a special commission was organized (1919-1920). Its members were the teachers of the art-industry school S. Erzya, L. Turzhanskiy, I.Slyusarev and the president of the Urals Society of Amateurs of from confiscated Natural Sciences O. Clair. Their task was to choose the best from confiscated pieces for the museum collection. If taking into account what a difficult time was that period in the history of Russia, the period of uncertainty during the Civil War we must say that the activity of the commission was unforgettable help to store great art items. Thanks to the activists scores of new pictures were add to the collection. In April, 1924 the museum got the collection consisted of 600 masterpieces of Russian and foreign masters. In 1926 the museum of the Society was reorganized into the State Museum of the Urals District and at the moment sent the petition to the National Museum Fund to get some more art pieces to fill up the collection once again. That time a great collection of Russian Avant-garde was brought to Sverdlovsk under the initiative of Narkompross and became the base of new exhibition, called All Ways of Art. So, the organization of Sverdlovsk Art Gallery in 1936 made the dream to have a museum, which appeared on the edge of centuries, become true to life. First years of the existence of the Gallery were directed to the expansion of the collection, on one hand, and on the other hand - to introduce different exhibitions. In 1935 the gallery represented the exposition, called The Urals-Kuzbass in painting and in 1944 one more, called The Urals - the Center of Guns Industry, where the artists from Moscow, Cthelyabinsk, Perm, Sverdlovsk and other cities showed their skills.

  • Kasli Cast-Iron Moulding
  • Stone Cutting Art 18-20cc.
  • Russian Art 17-20cc.
  • West- European Art 14-18cc.(Painting, graphics, sculpture)
  • Russian Art 20c.
  • The Art of 1960-90s.
  • The main building of the museum is located in the center of the city - in Public Square.
    The address: Voyevodin st. 5; 2nd building: Vayner st. 11.
  • Time-schedule: 11am - 7pm, the cashier till 6pm, Days off - Monday, Tuesday.
  • The shop: Opening hours: 11am - 6pm. Off days - Sunday, Monday.
Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo. Ekateribburg Museum of Fine Arts.




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