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Dadal Soum. Khentii province.




Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii province, which is considered to be the birthplace of Genghis Khan. Temuujin was born here in 1162 near Deluun Boldog Mountain. A large statue of the khan was erected for his 800th anniversary in 1962. The site has a sacred reputation among Mongols, and it is located in a quiet rural area. Dadal Soum also used to house one of the three great lamaist temples consecrated to Genhis Khan, however this was sadly destroyed in the 1930s.

The surrounding area contains trails and lakes as well as monuments teaching about the glorious past of the Mongol empire.

As written in The Secret History of the Mongols, it is now generally accepted that the great Chinggis Khaan was born at the junction of the Onon and Balj rivers (though his date of birth is still subject to great conjecture). The assumed spot is in Dadal sum (district), near the town of the same name (also known as Bayan Ovoo).

Dadal is a gorgeous area of lakes, rivers, forests and log huts (very few people live in gers) - reminiscent of Siberia, which is only 25km to the North. Even if you are not a Chinggisphile, there is no shortage of scenery to admire and hike around in. It wouldn't be hard to stay here a few days. The downside is that it often rains here in summer.

The 415,752 hectare Onon-Balj National Park was established in the region in March 2000.

Dadal is in a sensitive border area so it would be wise to register with the police. If you are heading any further out of town it would also be a good idea to register with the border guards, on the west side of Dadal.


Three kilometres north of Bayan Ovoo is a collection of hills known as Deluun Boldog. On top of one of the hills is a stone marker, built in 1990 to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the writing of The Secret History of the Mongols. The inscription says that Chinggis Khaan was born here in 1162. Some historians may not be entirely convinced about the exact date or location of his birth, but it's a great place to come into the world: the scenery and hiking around the valleys and forests are superb.

There's a more impressive Chinggis Khaan Statue in the Gurvan Nuur camp, built in 1962 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of his birth.

Onon Hot Water Mineral Springs. About 1km West of the statue is the Khajuu Bulag mineral water springs, where the great man once drank. Take your water bottles and fill them to the brim, because this is the freshest (flowing) spring water you will ever taste. You could also hike up into the hills behind town, where there is a large ovoo (sacred pyramid-shaped collection of stones).

Activities. There are several trekking routes out of Dadal. Locals recommend the 30km hike to the junction of the Onon and Balj rivers, or the 45km trek further along the river to the gorge at the confluence of the Onon and Agats rivers. You'll need to inform the border patrol of your itinerary and it would be wise to take a guide (this is not a good place to get lost!). Ask at the ger camps or try to track down an English-speaking local.

Fishing is excellent in the entire Dadal region, with huge taimen growing up to 1.5m in length! Taimen are one of the largest freshwater fish on earth and can be very ferocious.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.

Photo. Dadal Soum is a region in Khentii aimag. Eastern Mongolia.


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