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Mongolia Water Reserves.




The common natural resource is surface and underground water. The total annual water reservoir of Mongolia is 1,200 billion cubic feet (34 billion cu.m.) and most of it is fresh water. In Mongolia, there are many possibilities of using the water resource properly. 51 % of the overall reserves belong to the Arctic Ocean, 12 % to the Pacific Ocean basin, and 37 % to the Central Asian basin, which has no outlet. All rivers in Mongolia are roughly 40,390 miles (65,000 km.) long and many of them have clear water. They are mostly mountain rivers with a steady current. The possible total reserve of Mongolia is 212 billion cubic feet (6 billion cub.m.). 24 billion cubic feet (0.67 billion cub.m) water is being used now for industry and agriculture in about 300 cities and towns. There are about 3,800 big rivers and streams in Mongolia which have steady current and their total length is 414,466 miles (667,000 km.). Many countries in the world are lacking fresh water and the cost of water is increasing at the world market. Besides supplying its own domestic need for fresh water, Mongolia can also export it to foreign countries.

Uvs 1,293 square miles (3,350 sq. km.)
Khuvsgul 1,012 square miles (2,620 sq. km.)
Khar Us 715 square miles (1,852 sq. km.)
Khyargas 543 square miles (1,407 sq. km.)
Buir 237 square miles (615 sq. km.)
Orkhon 698 miles (1,124km.)
Kherlen 677 miles (1,090 km.)
Selenge 509 miles (819 km.)
Tuul 502 miles (808 km.)
Zavkhan 352 miles (568km.)
Photo. The Tuul River in the vicinity of Ulaanbaatar. View from the Bogdo Haan mountain range.

Photo. The Tuul River in the vicinity of Ulaanbaatar. View from the Bogdo Haan mountain range.

Photo. Orkhon river.

Photo. Orkhon river.

Photo. Onon river.

Photo. Onon river.

Photo. Chuluut river.

Photo. Chuluut river.



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