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Fishing in Mongolia is one of the last adventures for fisherman who already were fishing all over our planet. Here lives the world's largest salmonid, the Taimen, also known to the Mongolians as River Wolf". Taimen can reach up to 200 pounds and 2m long. Fishing here is catch and release with barbless hooks as it is one of the world's healthiest and biggest Taimen 


Taimen are a fascinating fish that have become well known for their voracious surface strikes, and for the impressive size that they can reach. Taimen of over one metre, around 20 pounds, are considered a trophy, but the smaller Taimen are a lot of fun too, especially on a surface fly.

  • Taimen family: Salmonidae (Salmonids).
  • Range: North-Central Asia (Mongolia and Siberia).
  • Habitat: Rivers and lakes. Prefers large, flowing, shallow, cold rivers with deep pools.
  • Size and weight: Up to 200 pounds (90kg) and 7 feet (2.1m) long. Commonly over 20 pounds (9.5kg).
  • Food: Rodents, lemmings, mammals, birds, mice, smaller fish.
  • Fishing: Best results with simple mouse patterns and very large hooks. streamer flies, surface and swimming lures and plugs, spoons and spinners. Also ink-tips and sinking lines works well. Best seasons are May/June and September / October.
  • Others: The Taimen, the worlds largest salmonid, is a relativley unknown fish in the western hemisphere. It is a hard-fighting and a ferocious predator that will eat everything they can fit in their mouth. Spawns in May.
Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.

Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.

Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.

Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.

Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.

Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.

Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.

Photo. Taimen fishing Mongolia.



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